Through the drought I,
Keep my cool I,
Gotta move I,
Gotta groove I,
Making money wasn’t su’em I was supposed to chase,
But-when-you-hit-rock-bottom that dream wide awake now,
Faking it till you making it don’t seem to help now,
Friends and family are to cut half and split down,
The inspiration that you won now cannot be found,
It’s been replaced with some new shit, it’s a new fix –
It’s permanent, but I can’t call it…
It’s the mindset Kobe/Jordan had when they was ballin’
Up against the wall, against world, against the fallen,
I document my gratitude to improve this attitude,
Because-if-I-lose-my-cool, then I lose groove, and if I lose my groove – then it’s checkmate,

[fast transition]

No way,
I go astray, to this system that’s in place,
They teach the word “success” but really they just teach the phrase, [00:45]
I wish I could…. but damn I got some greedy DNA,
One day I’ll feed the needy just wipe the sorrow off the face,
My people struggle, now it’s -years- that they often face,
With 0 faith what the HELL you think I’m ‘pposed to say,
But I’m chilling…….
With-a-Michael Alengo painting on the ceiling mood
Every day breaking records for new altitudes
I finally got own lane, my own block, my own avenue
Shit, I had to work long for it, I lost myself trying to live a life I wasn’t born with [01:12]

[dead air]

Moment of silence to the 9-5 torments [fast transition]
Then my heart skips a beat [pause] on L O V
Overthinking letter E
You can judge me on this beat but don’t judge me on the streets
Cuz freedom of speech got me splurring on these sheets with no drugs
Young Ish, Young Fly, And Clean Cut, Young Buc in his thirties but steppin’ the scene tucked.
Young Ish, Young Fly, And Clean Cut, Young Buc in his thirties but steppin’ the scene…. tucked.
Not giving a fuck
As soon as you let go that’s money errupts
Don’t the supress the flow cuz’