Are you seeking for the truth?

Well listen to your clues

Put down the booze, put down the pills, put down the weed, the speed, the need

Pause, freeze, listen, ponder – 

Ya’ wildin’ out, and stressing out hot boxing ya’ Honda

You’ll never have direction if you addicted to the wander

Learn how to take risk, learn how to pump ya’ fist

And truly understand why you would give it all up for this

Because the life of regret – you’ll be forever chasing your dream with no cream

Living off your last check, then it’s checkmate, you just fresh bait to these inmates

Who won’t sympathize for your life’s sake [dead air]

And if you don’t fit glove – don’t you ever think or to re-think to judge [fast transition]

I think, and rethink my words to the judge

I sink, and re-sink my thoughts to this grudge – f*ck it, I’m switching up with the clutch

I’m lift off, with the fuel from this rush, I’m face-off, with whoever wanna take off

I’m just begging that my conscience doesn’t rip me off 

This is a cold world but every heart was born soft

You won’t miss a damn thing until you take a loss, baby

Life is like a coin toss baby, you gotta flick your thumb without ya’ wrist being lazy

You gotta fight your thoughts that’s keeping-you-back-in the 80’s

Once you get the truth out of life it’s so brazy…

But girl just don’t play me – my heart is out there, like a voucher-ae, it’s not fair!

[vocal transition]

We think back and reflect, to paint a fake picture of happiness across the chest

It’s an obsession how we dig the past for old lessons

New questions, old answers, new message

Call them war-zones with lost thoughts in these trenches [repeat x4]

I repeat it, and reheat it so you can digest the message

Let go of the past, and don’t stall to rebuild the wreckage!

If it ain’t that, then I’m back on track reckless

A menace in disguise – breakrecordz on the rise

Ima’ show off to the boys and have girls make the noise, let the crowd feel the joy…

Yeah – I’ll never understand failure – ’till I’m running out of breath-breath and favors!