Regardless of what type of diet you’re following, or how strict or intuitive it might be, there’s one thing that us beginners have in common: we’re learning how to say NO when cravings kick in (the bad ones).

It’s easier said than done, no?

For experts, well, their struggle is over, for beginners, this is just the beginning (duh). As we mold our stomachs to match our mindset, our moods frequently kick us over the head and knocks us off balance – which leads to bad decisions.

This molding phase is similar to when we sculpt our bodys during weight training – we start building our foundation first.

I’ll assume that your environment supports your mindset, and if so, here are some tips to aid you indirectly (and ultimately) say NO, and help you mold a healthier foundation in your system overtime.

Get creative with your liquids

Drinking water helps you feel fuller during and in between meals, but water is pretty boring after a while (especially at room temperature!). Chamomile tea is nice, but, also boring after a while.

Next time you’re filling up your water jug / mug, try these savory liquids.

Lemon & Sweet Basil

Grab about 15-20 leaves of sweet basil, then dice up a few lemons (peeled), pour some water and blend for about 10 seconds. You can make as much as you want, and store it for the week so you can have with meals. The taste is refreshing, and its filled with tons of micro-nutrients and natural acids to help you with your dieting journey.

Cinnamon Cafe

This one might taste weight at first, since it isn’t your common teaspoon or coffee shop cinnamon, but it’s worth the experiment. Crack and break down the raw cinnamon sticks and boil them with 1-2 ounces of water only. You can add more water afterwards, and cool in the fridge.  

Go Raw

The best way to keep you fuller is going raw where you can – minimize boiling, steaming or cooking your vegetables. Eat your bell peppers raw, and your cauliflower too (wash them of course!). The flavor might behave dull while chewing, but in the end, your consuming the item in its highest nutrient dense form and overtime this will form a stronger urge to eat more veggies, and less sugary bullshit.

In the end, the common denominator between these tips is focused on how to manipulate your triggers in order to minimize them. When your internal system is fueled with powerful nutrients, you’re automatically decreasing the chances to feel “hungry” when you’re really not. Intergrate these tips to your fitness journey, but it’s important to find a system that’s sustainable to your life. A toast to the fitness journey!