I started to dream.

The endless journey through the Baltic Sea on summer’s eve was on schedule. We planned this route for just the two of us; we really despised company in events like these. Our privacy was golden in order for us to share the intimacy we fantasized.

Landing on the coastline of Assens was an emergency stop necessary to refuel. The docks were almost empty, only spotting no more than twenty boats, which was odd during this season.

All the while, she was asleep.

Before stepping out I glanced a final look at her. The silk linen marked her marvelous shape through its gravity. This silence allowed my deepest memories to surface. I kept my pause and continued to stare at the comfort of this amazing woman sleeping, which drew fond memories of her and I from years ago. I began to wonder why I chose to be with this woman, and was remarkably tuned with thoughts about our deepest and most loyal adventures together.

I dreamed again.

I read between the lines on this particular morning; parallel to me there she was, sitting very stylishly with a red headband that only on her would make worth a stare. I’ve made brief contact with this woman so much as to say “good morning”, and even exchanged names – but I’m terrible with names. I paid no attention to the assigned conference that was being exhibited in front of us – and I had a feeling that she wasn’t either. The mannered style in which she groomed her short black hair was almost channeling sign language directed at me. I felt excitement as if I drank a whole batch of coffee just thinking about this woman; thinking of me. I was certain but not sure, and that burning sensation to find out needed to be extinguished. I ask for a pen, and thought: “who doesn’t have a pen at these conferences?” – but my confidence overruled my doubts.

I tapped on her right shoulder and her startle was well played. I recall her body and face turning towards me so quickly, but from my perspective I saw her twist and turn with a drumroll. Almost instantly, I noticed her pale and tan-less skin contrast against the black vest she suited, mirroring her black hair. I fell into a deep notion when the color of her eyes sented a feeling as if autumn was around the corner. This is the day we met, and fell in love.

I woke up.

The coastline now had very few sun left. Returning to the dock, I was surprised to find two glasses poured and served with wine after my re-fueling endeavor. I loved her surprises. We settled sharing our stories and drinking our wine against the panoramic horizon that I always dreamed of.

I woke up, again

I was drunk and disoriented. I scanned my surroundings, only to find a woman next to me wrapped in linen, except, I could not remember her name, nor remember who she was.