It’s all about you, this song about you, the love or the lust, I never had to choose

Yeah, I’ve seen you in the cars, I’ve seen you in the news

You molded all together just to get rid of my blues

Now what is man to do besides love back

I shield your heart from pain because you know I never broke that

I never had the hope that – 

I would meet a woman as amazing as you, thinking about I do’s…

Sex so good I got you hitting high Q’s, and in the morning, I’ll wake up right besides you

Breakfast in bed plus some head is what I got for you

Go against the grain I got your back you know I ride for you, never ever lie to you

That independent attitude you carry is a plus, and them diamonds is a must…

I’m right behind you and I’m ready to adjust – 

So we can ignore all these haters and avoid all these lame ducks!

[Chorus TBD]

Verse two, designed for my boo

The type of lady that that you wanna show off to your crew

The type of dime that you wanna bow down to her shoes, I’m here to win, no pretend

We shall not lose BABY, no if and maybes – I’ll make sure that your future is secure baby

But first, I gotta get rid of all these other ladies

They got it twisted and they thinking that I’m picking favorites – yeah right girl!

Don’t you ever think once that them rumors true – 

I never doubt you once like faith I believe in you, and you believe in me

Ain’t no secrets in between, them other couples dream of the team, what we have

Love rehab… baby let’s make this last… (uh)

So I’m gon’ be here till’ the end – 

And you know it’s gon’ be real because that rock ain’t no pretend!

[Chorus TBD]

I keep it going, we never stop, I’m making love to you till the bed rocks

I keep it going, we never stop, all this love baby got you detoxed

Now you forgot about your EX’s on the spot

Now you wondering about tying knots… (uh)

Ain’t no pressure baby, I’m just trying to let you know it’s all about you baby!