High Intensity Interval Training – Terrain Edition

Introduction: Visit your local park, or within your street and count 50 yards. If you have cones, mark the start and finish.

Make sure you stretch before you start!

Once you’ve completed your setup, kick off with segment 1. Ready?

Segment 1 – Suicide Sprints x4

  1. Full sprint at 95%-100% (50 yards)
  2. Jog back / walk back to your starting point and continue to stretch in the interim if you need to
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2, 4 times.

Resting periods: when you reach your starting point, rest 10 seconds before you go full sprint again. Commit to those 10 seconds! Before moving on to segment 2, rest for 90 seconds. Remember, commit! Don’t cut yourself slack!

Notes: 95% – 100% means full throttle effort through every yard from start to finish. Commit to pushing yourself every lap even on your last one! Your quads and hamstrings should be receiving maximum stretch during these sprints. Focus on your form as well – here’s a video that you can use as a guideline for form.

Segment 2 – Jump Rope Frenzy x3

  1. Jump rope for 60 seconds at 95% – 100% intensity (planted)
  2. Alternate the first 30 sec with high leg jumps & the other 30 sec with boxer jumps
  3. Complete 3 rounds, and continue stretching if you need to

Resting periods: at the end of each round, rest for 30 seconds before starting your next round. Don’t get distracted and don’t surpass 30 seconds of rest!

Notes: focus on your agility and ensure that you’re intensifying each jump. If you mess up, do not continue counting until you start again. Aim to have 0 mistakes to avoid disruptions during each round.

Segment 3 – Mountain Climbers x2

  1. Each round will consist of 30 kicks in a push up position
  2. On every 10th kick, do a FULL PUSH UP (3 push ups in total)
  3. Alternate your kicks by aiming your knees towards your chest, and also towards your opposite shoulder (e.g right knee, left shoulder) and twisting your abdomen.

Resting periods: rest for 60 seconds before going to the next round. You’ll need every breath. Take a breather if you need to in between the kicks, but DO NOT come up short and do less than 30!

Notes: your core / abs will be at work here, so focus on always maintaining a strong posture and a straight back. Your triceps and chest will start to burn (depending on how developed they are) so keep that in mind. Try to alternate every kick – you might find yourself taking shortcuts by not alternating towards the end of the round. Every kick counts, so reset your posture after every kick: arms straight, back straight, and legs / feet aligned evenly.

And your done!

… with session 1. Each session consists of these three segments. You’ll need to complete three sessions total. At first, I couldn’t do three sessions back to back, and I was usually dead half way through session 2. Once my body started to adapt to the intensity, I was able to complete all three sessions.

This isn’t easy training, and to complete all three sessions it’ll take about 45 minutes. Block about an hour in order to set up the environment and make sure to take a lot of water with you. Start off by doing one session, once a week, then try knocking out two sessions a week!

See you on the other side šŸ˜‰